Gas chromatography Liquid chromatography Thin layer chromatography Ion chromatography Preparation liquid chromatography Capillary electrophoresis Amino acid analyzer Gel chromatography Countercurrent chromatography Column temperature box Evaporative light- scattering detector Sample injector Post column derivation Adsorption tube aging / activation Axial compression system Thermal analysis / thermal desorption Other chromatography and separation equipment Chromatography high pressure pump
spectrophotometer Near infrared spectroscopy Infrared spectrum Fluorescence spectrophotometer Laser Raman spectroscopy Fiber optic spectrometer Atomic absorption spectroscopy Atomic fluorescence spectrum ICP-AES/ICP-OES photoelectric direct reading spectrometer Flame photometer Grating spectrometer Gas-phase molecular absorption spectrometer
Mass spectrograph
Gas -mass spectrometry Liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry Plasma mass spectrometry Gas mass spectrometry/ online mass spectrometry Helium mass spectrometry leak detector
x-ray instrument
X fluorescence spectrometer X ray diffraction X-ray directional finder
Acidity meter/ PH meter Tentiometric titration Cassette moisture titrator Conductivity meter Electrochemical workstation Polarograph/volt ampere meter Coulomb meter Quartz crystal micro balance ORP measuring instrument Corrosion tester Electrochemical instrument parts Other electrochemical apparatus
Element analyzer
Carbon sulfur analyzer Azotometer Metal element analyzer Mercury measuring instrument Oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer Sulfur nitrogen analyzer Calcium iron coal analyzer Carbon silicon analyzer Other elements analyzer
Nuclear magnetic resonance
Moisture meter
Capacitance / resistance moisture meter Dew point meter Infrared / halogen moisture analyzer Other moisture meter
Other general analytical instruments
Water quality physical chemical index
Water sampler Water quality analyzer Dissolved oxygen analyzer Turbidity meter
Water organic pollutants
COD measuring instrument COD digestion BOD measuring instrument TOC analyzer permanganate index Oil measuring instrument Volatile phenol determination apparatus
Water Nutrient salt
Ammonia nitrogen determination apparatus Total phosphorus total nitrogen determination apparatus
Inorganic pollutants in water detection
Ion detector Water heavy metal detector Cyanide measuring instrument Sulfide determination apparatus Water quality halogen analyzer Residual chlorine analyzer
Biological monitoring in water
Water quality toxicity detector Escherichia coli detector Algae / plankton monitoring
Water quality on-line detection
Online electrical conductivity meter Online pH meter Water quality on-line monitoring system
Other water quality analysis
Sludge detector / interface meter Phosphate monitor Flow rate monitor Pluviometer
Air sampling equipment
Air microorganism sampler gas / air sampler Smoke / flugas sampler Dust sampler Particulate sampler Acid rain sampler Dioxin sampler
Gaseous pollutants
Nitrogen oxideanalyzer VOC/TVOC detector Ammonia analyzer Heavy metals in flue gas Monitor Ozone analyzer Formaldehyde detector Automobile exhaust gas detector stench detector CO2 / CO infrared gas analyzer Air detector
Airborne particulate matter
PM2.5 atmospheric particulate monitor Dust measuring instrument Aerosol measurement Particle counter Haze monitoring system Laser radar
Gas on-line monitoring
Flue gas monitoring system Air quality automatic monitoring system
Industrial gas analysis
oxygen analyzer Hydrogen analyzer High purity / gas analysis system
Other gas monitoring facilities
Gas dilution device Zero gas generator Anemometer Atmospheric measuring instrument Air negative ion detector Weather station
Radiation and radioactive monitoring
Radon measurement instrument Ray detector Field intensity meter
Noise and vibration monitoring
Noise monitor Environmental vibration meter
Soil monitoring analysis
Soil sampler Soil measuring instrument
Other environmental monitoring
Illumination photometer Solid waste toxicity leaching equipment Mobile surveillance car Data collector
Laser particle size analyzer Sedimentation particle size analyzer Particle counter Zeta/ electrophoresis apparatus Powder physical property tester Screening instrument
Thermal analysis instrument
Differential scanning calorimeter Thermogravimetric analyzer Synchronous thermal analyzer Thermal conductivity meter Thermal expansion instrument melting point meter
Rheometer/ viscometer
Rheometer viscometer
Testing machine
Universal testing machine Drop test machine Voltage breakdown tester Torsional / bending test machine Impact testing machine Fatigue testing machine Pressure testing machine Stretch meter Vibration table Friction and wear testing machine Tensile testing machine Spring testing machine Persistent/creep testing machine Cup drawing machine antifracture testing machine Impact table Collision table Shock absorber test stand Adhesion tester Blasting test machine|
Surface physical property test
High pressure adsorption apparatus Surface tension test machine Contact angle measuring instrument Specific surface and pore size analyzer Chemical adsorption apparatus Vapor adsorption instrument LB film analyzer Bubble analyzer Other
Environmental test box
Ozone aging test chamber Constant temperature / humidity test chamber Enter type test chamber Xenon lamp aging test box Low temperature test box Salt spray test machine Damp heat test box UV test box High temperature aging test box High and low temperature impact Rain test box Sand dust test box Three comprehensive test box Mould test box Glass test machine
Nondestructive testing instrument
Ultrasonic flaw detector Flaw detector / gauge X ray realtime imaging detection system Industrial CT X-ray flaw detection Industrial endoscope Metal detector Other nondestructive testing instruments|
Thickness gauge
X ray fluorescence thickness gauge On-line thickness gauge Electromagnetic thickness gauge White light interferometer Ultrasonic thickness gauge Pressure thickness measuring gauge Other thickness gauge
Combustion measuring instrument
Combustion test case Oxygen index analyzer Smoke density test box Cone calorimeter Flame spreading apparatus Flame retardant tester Anti fusion instrument Thermal conductivity meter Thermal protection measuring instrument Other combustion measurement
Other physical test instruments
Hardness tester Density meter Temperature and humidity meter Dielectric constant measuring instrument Cup drawing instrument
Cleaning / disinfection
Ultrasonic cleaner Bottle washing Plasma cleaner High pressure sterilization Hand disinfection Glove box
Sample preparation digestion
Slicing machine Fusion prototype Polishing / grinding Cutting machine Ion Beam Thinner Microwave digestion Tablet machine Electric heating digestion Electric heating plate Ion sputtering apparatus Infrared heating digestion Other digestion equipment
Separation / extraction
Microwave extraction Soxhlet extraction Centrifuge Solid phase extraction Solvent extraction Ultrasonic extractor
Purification equipment
Pure water machine Rotary evaporator Distillation apparatus Gel purification system Concentrated instrument Nitrogen blowing instrument Wastewater waste gas treatment
Mixing / dispersing
Agitator Dispersion machine Homogeneous / emulsification Homogenate machine Oscillation / mixing
Heating / drying
Drying oven Experimental furnace Spray drier Dehumidifier Water / oil bath Metal bath Electric heating sleeve Ash measuring Fast drying Critical point drying
Crushing equipment
Lapping / ball milling Crushing apparatus
Synthesis / reaction
Microwave synthesizer Chemical synthesis Reaction kettle Catalyst evaluation
Refrigeration equipment
Freeze drying machine Cooling-water machine Ultra low temperature freezer Ice making machine Chromatography freezer Low temperature thermostat
Vacuum pump Creeping pump Injection pump Constant current pump Plunger pump Other pump
Fluid handling
Fluid displacement apparatus Pipetting workstation Bottle dispenser
Gas production / processing
Hydrogen generator Nitrogen generator Air generator Nitrogen hydrogen air Hydrogen air integrated machine Air compressor Gas purifier Nitrogen air generator Deuterium gas generator Ozone generator
Laboratory furniture
Whole laboratory furniture Drug cabinet Ventilation cabinet Laboratory equipment Test bench Protective cover Test cabinet Centralized gas supply
Other laboratory equipment
film coating machine Instrument specific power supply Humidifier Air cleaner Dissolution equipment Precision air conditioning
Molecular biology
Gene amplification apparatus Electrophoresis apparatus Chemiluminescence analyzer Nucleic acid molecular hybridization Nucleic acid purification / extraction Protein chromatography purification Protein imprinting apparatus Micro hole plate heat sealing Gene delivery system UV analysis / detection / transmission Optical marking device DNA synthesis Other biological analyzer
Cell biological
Cell analysis Cell counter
Microbial detection apparatus
Microbial detection system Escherichia coli detector Colony count / analysis Vaccination apparatus
Plant physiological ecological
Leaf area meter Chlorophyll meter Water potential meter Photosynthetic apparatus Plant root system Hydraulic conductivity meter
Animal experimental
Animal breathing machine Animal behavior research Pain measurement instrument Brain stereotactic apparatus Animal anesthesia machine Infected device Animal monitor Animal blood pressure Other animal experimental
Clinical test
Microplate Reader Microplate Washer Biochemical analyzer Five element analyzer Blood lead analyzer Physiological signal acquisition Bacterial culture apparatus Physiological / pharmacological / neural apparatus Blood gas analyzer Immune fluorescence analyzer Microbial automatic analyzer Electrolyte analyzer Urine analyzer Blood cell counter Other clinical tests
Biological engineering
Oscillator/ Shaking table/ Mixing device Incubator Ultra clean bench Biological safety cabinet Fermentation tank Filtration system Liquid nitrogen tank Cell reactor Rotating bottle machine Cell breaking apparatus Sterility test isolator Vaccine deepfreeze Collector Low temperature circulating pump Other biochemical equipment
Chip system
Microfluidic chip Chip scan / dot sample / detection
Imaging system
Gel imaging system living imaging system
Drug testing
Sulfur dioxide detector Osmotic pressure gauge Dissolution apparatus Antibacterial circle measuring Bacterial endotoxin test Tablet hardness Drug stability test case Brittle broken tester Disintegration instrument Drug transdermal diffusion test Clarity detector Set fungus meter/sterile filter Plaster softening point tester Coating machine Insoluble particles detector Tablet press machine Drug melting time limit Degassing device Property tester Drug four determination apparatus Cone penetrometer Drug light test Drug grinding machine
Oil special analytical
sulfur analyzer Salt content meter Flash point / ignition apparatus low temperature performance Distillation gauge Lubricating oil detection gasoline /diesel Octane number Kinematic viscosity Oxidation stability tester Steam pressure measuring Chroma tester Iron spectrometer Carbon residue tester Anti emulsification instrument Asphalt physical property Rust / corrosion tester Sedimentation performance fuel oil physical characteristics sampling device Other
Agricultural and food
Soil measuring Powder meter Pesticide residue Food quality Milk / dairy analyzer Beer / beverage analyzer Water activity ATP fluorescence detector Texture / substance / tissue Grain analyzer Grain moisture Edible oil analyzer Protein determination Food safety Dietary fiber analyzer Creamy centrifuge Soil sampler Soil hardness tester Soil acidity meter Capsule counting instrument Food formaldehyde detector Aflatoxin measuring Gluten tester liter weighing tester Light quantum meter Threshing machine Soil properties measuring
Textile industry
Fiber type testing Fabric testing Color fastness tester Printing and dyeing class testing Yarns testing Other
Coal industry
Calorimetric apparatus Sulfur analyzer Hydrocarbon analyzer Coal gauge Ash melting point Coal industry analyzer other
Rubber plastic industry
vulkameter Mooney viscometer Film blowing machine VEKA softening point Melt index instrument Extruder / injection molding Plastic particle moisture Carbon black dispersion open mill Load thermal deformation temperature Martin heat resistance Prototype system Stress relaxation tester Electrical conductivity meter Mechanical property
packaging industry
Compression testing Water vapor transmission rate Air permeability tester Tearing test Heat sealing device Seal / leak testing Oxygen permeation meter coefficient of friction/stripping Sampler Resistance breaking test Wear testing machine Falling dart impact Horizontal plane impact Tensile strength testing Packing box impact Folding endurance testing Puncture strength testing Static load stacking Board smoothness Corrugated core compression strength Horizontal impact test Carton vibration testing Cardboard ring crush test Paper thickness tester Carton creep test Other
Other industries special
Semiconductor detector Skin test Atomic layer deposition Laser pulse deposition Four probe tester Quantum efficiency measurement IV tester Biogas / gas / natural gas sun simulator Atomizing apparatus Molecular beam epitaxy Paint / ink / Pigment chemical| Tobacco Energy / transportation / transportation Building materials Geology / Metallurgy Electronic / semiconductor

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