Content Determination of Amino Acids Using Ion Chromatograph / 2016-11-02

Amino Acid Analyzer Introduction

There are currently 22 amino acids determined as protein building blocks. Moreover, researchers have discovered roughly 250 non-proteinogenic naturally occurring amino acids. Meteorites and comets have also been shown to have amino acids. The standard 20 amino acids, which are stored in the form of codons in the DNA.


Out of these standard amino acids, the human body or the microorganisms existing in the human digestive system synthesize 12 amino acids and the remaining eight essential amino acids are obtained from food. Conversely, all the amino acids required for plants and microorganisms are synthesized by themselves.

The human health is largely affected by the concentrations of various amino acids. Therefore, it is essential to perform amino acid analysis in different fields. For instance, in the clinical field, the amino acid analysis in physiological fluids like urine or saliva helps diagnose metabolic disorders.

Measuring amino acids in protein hydrolysates helps achieve control over feedstuffs and foods (Figure 1). In the beverage industry, effective process control and media production for cell cultures and fermentation can be achieved through determination of amino acid concentration. Amino acids also play crucial role in producing cheese with the required taste.

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JS001 amino acid analyzer

JS004 System analysis of amino acids.png

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