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FT004 Pellet and powder characteristics analyzer

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Brief introduction

FT004 particles and powder characteristics analyzer rlco instrument company ROOKO production of, mainly to provide comprehensive analysis of powder and particle physical properties of a test platform and solutions.

Powder physical properties: particle size distribution, surface area, loose density, porosity, density, particle attached, surface energy, surface charge, pore size distribution, moisture content, tensile strength, shear strength, the instrument mainly through of powder and particle vibration compaction density, bulk density, bulk density, angle of repose the repose angle), angle spatula, collapse angle, deviation angle, shear and dispersion, the agglutination degree, liquidity and flow time measured, a comprehensive reflection of powder flow and characterization.

This instrument through the automation control technology to reduce the contact between human factors to test the process of operation and calculation error, the test project through the light, electricity, measurement and control electronics to achieve; test data printing function; the instrument password management, touch screen display; for powder powder particles to provide reliable and accurate data. 

Technical parameter

1. Tap density: by constant volume method or the quality of measured data, automatic calculation of vibration compaction density. Determination of tap density and loose packed density, direct access to Hausner ratio Hausner ratio (tap density / loose packed density) and compressibility index (tap density bulk density / loose packed density X100) data. Set vibration frequency and amplitude and vibration frequency or time to obtain the data.

2 bulk density: the quality of a certain mass of powder is filled with a natural flow of a funnel, without the need to configure the weighing scales, the data is directly displayed, and the density of the bulk density is automatically calculated.

3. The angle of repose (angle of repose): automatically obtain angle data, without manual calculation and manipulation; configuration automatic mixing device to solve the flow of the powder and particle testing, the powder through the control valve automatically flow, and by the probe real-time collection angle change data, can obtain the flow time and the pile angle, quality and time, volume and time variation of the process curve.

4 flow time: a certain quality through the funnel of the time, automatic access without manual operation, automatic start and stop time.

5 collapse angle: the angle of the flat plate: the data directly obtained from the angle of repose and the collapse angle can be directly obtained from the differential angle data.

6 void fraction: the void fraction is the percentage of the volume of the powder in the powder. No need to weigh and calculate, the test end directly get the data, because the powder particle shape, arrangement structure, particle size and other factors of the difference. When the particles are spherical, the porosity of the powder is about 40%, the particles are fine or irregular, the porosity of the powder is 70-80% or higher.

7 shear: powder shear strength test (optional)

8 time range: 0-99999S arbitrary setting

9 weighing range: 0-2000g; accuracy 0.01g

10 funnel volume: 200ml

11 equipped with receiving container capacity: 200ml, 250ml, 500ml stainless steel material (according to user needs to buy)

12 angle measuring disc: 100mm in diameter; automatic mixing device to solve the difference of particle flow.

13 hopper outlet with control valve

14 funnel outlet diameter mm:2.5; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 14; 16; 17; 18; 25;

15 display mode: LCD, digital key control

16 flow index: no manual calculation, when the required data is obtained, automatic conversion index data

17 input: 220V ± 10%



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