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JG031 automatic particle image analyzer

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Brief introduction:

The instrument can be used in a dynamic and static two test patterns for 1-5000 microns within the scope of the distribution of particle size distribution, morphology parameters, such as detection. Is a universal in the field of particle testing equipment.


1. The shape of particle analysis:

For spherical, round degrees, roundness, length to diameter ratio, sphericity industries such as special shape parameter analysis of the particle is what other particle test equipment does not have.

2. The dynamic and static dual mode test:

Static mode, you can get the best effect, and clearly see the status of the sample surface, etc.

Dynamic mode, the particle samples rapidly through the sample window, can get a lot of sample data, to solve the problem of poor representativeness of previous image instrument tests.

3. The automatic control system:

This equipment adopts high precision triaxial control mechanism, it can automatic control platform for mobile and focal length adjustment, human set by the software, can realize: custom route collection, memory multipoint sampling, af, memory, focus, and other functions.

Host system built-in: foxconn miniature host built-in, easy to maintain independent operating environment to avoid conflict.

Technical parameters

1. Optical components

Objective groups: Korean, 10 x, 4 x 40 x and 100 x (oil) long distance achromatic (flat field) lens group, optional: Olympus components

Eyepiece groups: 1, 10 x x large camera eyepiece

Mirror: belt edge distortion field lens to reduce distortion resistance and increase the depth of field

Ratio range: 4 times, 16000 times (including digital magnification)

Optical illumination: adjustable LED illuminator. Optional industrial high brightness LED spot illuminator

2. The movement components

Mobile platforms: two-dimensional electric translation units, effective stroke 60 mm x 60 mm. With hall magnetic sensors. Optional: effective stroke 100 mm x 100 mm

Focus: electric focusing system, effective stroke 50 mm.

Motor parameters: high precision stepper motor, micro segmentation up to 1 micron.

Driver module: built-in driven RS232 port, available USB control.

3. The image equipment

Imaging element: 1/1.8 of an inch progress scan CMOS optional: 1 inch or 1/2 inch CCD chip

Number: 3.1 million optional: highest optional 8 million pixels

The highest resolution: 2048 x 1536 optional: a maximum 3264 * 2448

Frame rate: 6 FPS @ 2048 x 1536/10 FPS @ 1600 x 1200/15 FPS @ 1280 x 1024/30 FPS @ 640 x 480

4. The built-in system

CPU: AMD CPU with low consumption

Memory: 4 g

Hard disk: 500 g

Operating system: Windows 7



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