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JG017 dry wet laser particle size analyzer

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Brief introduction: 

JG017 wet method and laser particle size instrument is a kind of high performance particle size distribution, dry distributed system adopts the venturi effect, through methods such as shearing, inertia and collision ensure powder in by measuring the window in a fully decentralized state, even for difficult to disperse samples such as ndfeb powder, also can get fully dispersed, get accurate measurement results. Using specially designed by the large scale integrated circuit manufacture process of large size high sensitivity photoelectric detector array, high resolution, good accuracy; Using the entire mie theory and multiple distribution model of data processing methods; With high precision data transmission and processing circuit and a series of advanced technology and manufacturing process, make the instrument has accurate and reliable, fast test, repeatability is good, the outstanding characteristic of easy, is the collection laser technology, computer technology, photoelectron technology in the integration of a new generation of dry particle size measuring instrument. 


1. The laser, detector, signal transmission system is stable and reliable. 

2. Stable dispersion system effectively. 

3. Keep the instrument always in system automatically in the best state. 

4. The sampling rate of 3500 times per second, a large amount of data effectively reduce the influence of a few abnormal data.

Technical parameters 

Measurement range

0.1-1000 micron

Repeatability error


Accuracy error



Single peak, Shuangfeng and multi peak

Focus mode

Automatic centering

Sample method

(wet) external automatic circulation system

(dry) dry process automatic injection system

Dispersive medium

Compressed air or inert gas

Gas pressure

0.1-0.8Mpa continuous adjustable

Gas flow


Laser and life

Semiconductor laser, 25000 hours

Detector and quantity

Forward and lateral 84



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