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LK002 Microfluidic chip fluid intelligent electric control apparatus

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Microfluidic chip micro analysis, lab on a chip, chip capillary electrophoresis system research, the need to be able to realize (including m class channel network in fluid drive and control technology and instrument.According to this need, we are in shandong normal university has been made on the basis of the scientific research achievements, completed the FNLY series of microfluidic chip electric fluid intelligence control instrument (including Fluidics - IECD) of the industrialization of the upgrade.The instrument will "microfluidic chip analysis method, microfluidics electric principle and micro-electronics control technology" integration, with high automation, simple and practical and cost-effective, is commonly used in the research of micro analysis system for the instrument.



Unique sequential environment: the instrument application software adopts a novel sequential control, microfluidic chip analysis steps and completely corresponding to each time period.In real time, providing each time each electrode voltage all the way "dangling/disconnect", "connect (voltage)", "ground" model between the independent and/or synchronous programmable output process, including change the preset experimental parameters and over-current protection dealing with unexpected circumstances;


Technical Parameter

1. The electrode voltage: 4 ~ 8 road/independent or synchronization output
2. Each electrode voltage range: 0 ~ 2000 v DC, 0 ~ 5000 v DC, 0 ~ 8000 v DC, optional
3. The electrode voltage accuracy: 1 v DC
4. Each electrode current range: 0 ~ 500 (including A
5. The accuracy of electrode current: 1 (including A
6. Run time period: 6
7. Every time each electrode voltage mode: "dangling, connected and grounded"
8. "impending, connected, grounding mode conversion time: 0.012 s, 0.05 s and 0.01 s
9. Each voltage mode of running time: 0 ~ 9999 s
10. Run: precision time 1 s
11. The over-current protection 0 ~ 500 (including A set arbitrary: the corresponding time of 0.01 s or less
12. Under the same conditions of 0 ~ 9999 "cycle", set arbitrary
13. The real-time display to show the whole experiment process of each electrode power-on state, output voltage/current, the whole monitoring chip the size of the branch channel electrical percolation
14. Applicable microfluidic chip: 8 or less liquid pool of microchips, channel size (including 10-500 m
15. Operating environment: Windows98/2000 / XP
16. FNLY series (including Fluidics - IECD basic configuration is: 4, 6 and 8 electrode voltage output
17. Every time said chip on the analysis of sample, sampling, mixing, separation and detection steps

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