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LK001 Microfiuidic Chips

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Micro Total Analysis System (Miniaturized Total Analysis System, mu - TAS) is a new field of multidisciplinary cross, it with the aid of micro-electro-mechanical processing technology and biological technology, sampling, will be diluted, adding reagent, reaction, separation and detection of chemical Analysis are integrated in the whole process of the size of a postage stamp on the microchip, therefore is colloquially known as "Lab on a chip" (Lab - on - a - chip).Compared with the traditional means of electrophoretic separation, with miniaturization, integration, high speed, small amount of sample, etc.Can be widely used in biomedical applications of amino acid, nucleic acid, protein, cell analysis, analysis of chiral drugs;At the same time in the synthesis and screening of new drugs, food and commodity inspection, doping tests, environment pollution monitoring, criminal science, military science and space science, etc, also has been widely used.



1. With laser induced fluorescence detection, using the confocal optical path, high detection sensitivity, for uv/visible light detector 100000 times, with glass, polymer, quartz chip, chip systems.
2. High separation efficiency.The analysis of the sample time reduce to a few minutes or even within a few seconds, greatly improve the analysis speed, and high repeatability.
3. Less sample consumption.Sample and reagent consumption reduced to rise even skin upgrade.
4. Use all voltage clamp sample, all high pressure separate control, high pressure of all stripes in the 0 to 3 kv is adjustable, high voltage floating form, good safety.
5. The three dimensional adjustment, check points according to different chip specification or test requirements, can be adjusted.
6 three-dimensional electrode is adjustable, suitable for different channel configuration and specifications of the chip.
7. The integration of the chip electrophoresis platform.High integration, easy to operate.
8. A wide scope of application.Can be applied to amino acids, PCR products, protein and so on the many kinds of the separation and analysis of the sample.
9. Detection range, more than 500 nm emission wavelength of light can be detected.


Technical Parameter

Sensitivity: 10-9 (FITC)
The migration time repeat: RSD 1.54% or less (FITC) (n = 10)
High voltage power supply: 0 ~ 6000 v with no current display
Current display 0 ~ 3000 v belt
3 d optical path adjustment accuracy: 0.25/360 mm
Temperature range: under normal temperature
Laser types: solid laser
Filter types: narrow band, qualcomm, low pass
Photomultiplier tube: single photon can be measured
Electrode: 4/6/8 (a) a platinum electrode
Inverted microscope: 40 times
Power supply requirements: 220 v, 50 hz
Software environment: Win98, Win2000 WinXP
Appearance size: 28 cm x 33 cm x 45 cm
Weight: 20 kg 

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