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XS009 atomic absorption spectrophotometer

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Instrument features

 1. leading patented technology ( flame , hydride integrated design )

 9602A -type instrument built by hydride generation device can trace (μg / l) of mercury , arsenic , lead, selenium, tin , antimony, tellurium and other elements for easy, fast and accurate detection , flame atomizer and hydrogenated material atomizer integrated design and free conversion technology to solve the split hydride device to maneuver, the high failure rate of defects detected by the hydride trace elements in only one key will
Can be drawn from the results , save the use of laboratory space, reduce equipment purchase costs , food safety , environmental monitoring , quality control , inspection and other areas ideal testing equipment.

  The instrument is designed with high-performance elements of light dedicated power supply , which can supply three high-performance elements of light , effectively improve the arsenic, lead, selenium and other elements of low-energy light emission intensity and improve the measurement accuracy of the instrument .

 2. fully functional

 with atomic absorption , flame emission , deuterium background correction, auto-zero , auto- ignition and other functions.

  with graphite furnace atomic device is directly associated with the conventional elements increase the detection sensitivity of three orders of magnitude.
  Can be directly associated with the enrichment of trace elements using the Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd, Mn, Ni , etc. more than 20 kinds of elements to improve the detection sensitivity of nearly 200 times , and on the high-salt samples ( such as seawater ) Trace elements direct injection analysis .

 3. reliability guarantee

   instrument host installed complete circuit measurement systems, computer data acquisition and processing of the host , forming apparatus with two separate computer systems of work . When the computer stops working , the instrument can still take care of itself , complete testing tasks .

  host circuit will import integrated device entirely focused on a circuit board , high integration , low failure rate , easy maintenance, free lifetime warranty.

  resistant atomizer system with fins pure titanium burner significantly higher corrosion resistance of stainless steel burners. Polymer materials formed by the spray chamber , can work in a few decades from a strong acid and alkali corrosion. Efficient glass atomizer replaces the previous stainless steel atomizer , improved corrosion resistance and atomizing efficiency.

 4. advanced design software

  Detection of atomic absorption instrument WINDOWS XP workstation using multi-window operating system can automatically display the measurement parameters , to establish a working curve , measured sample concentration , print, store measurement data.
5. perfect security
  When the work experience a sudden power failure , the air pressure is insufficient tempering acetylene easily happen , the instrument will automatically turn off acetylene gas , play a security role.

 XS009 atomic absorption spectrophotometer


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