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TSB - 16 data acquisition instrument

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Brief introduction:

TWS/series data acquisition instrument system is made up of the company independent research and development products, instrument through USB2.0 interface connected to the ordinary PC, install and run on computer TWS data acquisition software, can achieve static or dynamic data collection.

TWS series instrument using a simple, powerful, can access different sensors at the same time, the user through the software setting dimensional transformation, you can easily test the displacement, acceleration, pressure, temperature, flow rate, load and the outside world information, and can realize automatic recording data storage, data list, multi-channel time domain waveform curve and channel correlation curve drawing, high speed transient signal testing and capture, spectrum analysis, report output, alarm, print and Internet network remote monitoring, and other functions.


1. The multi-channel arbitrary combination relation curve, time domain curve drawing

2. Excel spreadsheet file, save the BMP format pictures

3. View the data collection records and trends in real time

4. The signal waveform display and waveform parameter measurement

5. Alarm and alarm record

6. Network remote monitoring

Technical indicators:

Computer interface: USB2.0

Signal channel number: 16

Precision: 12 and 16 bit A/D conversion

Acquisition frequency: 250 KSPS/channel number

To the input signal: 0 ~ 10 v 0 ~ + 5 v 0 ~ 10 (20) mA 4 ~ 20 mA

Working temperature: 0 ~ 50

Power supply: ac 220 v / 50 hz


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