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COD-810 type portable COD meter

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Technical indicators

Measuring range:
COD: 5 ~ 2000 mg/L, more than dilution determination.
Error value:
COD: error of plus or minus 5% or less
Repeatability: ±≤3% 
Resistance to chloride interference:  2000 mg/L or less
Temperature control system: indoor temperature to 180
can be set, COD digestion temperature is 165 .
Temperature control precision: + / - 1

Adjustable temperature control of time: 1 ~ 999 min
The digestion time: 10 min.
Optical stability: instrument absorbance value within 20 min drift is less than 0.002 A
Batch processing: four water samples (or 16 samples)
Dimension: COD meter 80 mm * 230 mm * 55 mm
Resolution 105 mm * 160 mm * 160 mm
Weight: 0.5 kg digestion system: 1 kg
The power consumption of the host: current < 40 ua; Digestion unit power consumption: < 65 w

Digestion instrument and meter apart, do not affect measurement accuracy. temperature PID automatic temperature control, timing.
Ultra low power 16-bit micro-controller, instrument standby time can reach more than 6 months.
Operating time. COD digestion only 10 min.
Cold light source, narrowband interference optical system, optical stability is good.
Power data protection function.
May be retained the COD standard curve 50 and 199 measurements (including time label years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds of COD, absorbance value and light transmittance)
With USB port, can join computer to read records.
LCD screen  LCD display, easy to operate and straightforward.
The host chassis with moulded ABS materials, design of IP65, waterproof and dustproof performance is good.
With functions of calibration tube, eliminate different digestion tube optical difference, guarantee the accuracy of measurement.
Optional print function and emergency battery.




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