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ZJD - A high frequency dielectric constant tester

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Brief introduction:

ZJD - A dielectric constant and dielectric loss tester is A kind of universal, multi-purpose, multiscale high-frequency impedance measurement equipment. It can measure high-frequency inductors, high-frequency capacitors and harmonic components of quality factor (Q), inductance and capacitance distribution, distributed capacitance and inductance, high frequency circuit can also be measured components of effective resistance in series, in parallel, the characteristic impedance of a transmission line, the loss tangent value of capacitor, electrician materials of high frequency dielectric loss, dielectric constant, and so on. So high frequency Q meter not only widely used in high frequency electronic components and material production, scientific research, quality management, and other departments, is also commonly used in high frequency electronic and communications lab.

Technical parameters:

Q value measurement: 1-999 three digital display, automatic switching range, can be manually set the measurement range

Inherent error: 5% or less plus or minus 2% of the full value

Error: plus or minus 7% or less 2% of the full value

Inductance measurement: 0.1 mu H - 1 H error < 5% + / - 0.03 mu H

Test frequency: 10 KHZ to 60 MHZ five electronic digital DDS synthesis

The automatic frequency standard setting, automatic search resonance point, Q value of qualified Settings, light and sound instructions

Frequency error: 3 x 10 to 5 + 1 word

Tuned capacitor: main capacitance: 40-500 pf error of plus or minus 1% or 1 pf

Trimmer capacitors: plus or minus 3 PF resolution 0.2 PF




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