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NG001 gel chromatograph

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Imported from differential detector and gel chromatography column, in the dimer acid, sugar, polysaccharide, authoritative and widely used polymer field.

This configuration can be used for sugar, alcohol, fatty acid, and quantitative analysis of lipids.

Technical parameters:

(1) P98- type II and other gradient high pressure infusion pump

Flow range: 0.01ml/min~10ml/min

Flow accuracy:<3 L (0.01ml/min~0.1ml/min), <1.5% (0.5ml/min~10ml/min)

Flow stability: less than 0.3%

Pressure range: 0.00MPa ~ 42MPa (420Kgf/cm2)

Import motor, import driver, twenty thousand step, no mechanical noise; ensure the accuracy.

Import sealing system, high pressure resistance.

Imported high efficiency pulsation damper, the buffer capacity is strong, so that the pulse is minimum.

Full inlet pipe.

Display mode: LCD screen display

(2) the SFD RI - 2000 refractive index detector

Imported from Germany Schambeck SFD GmbH

Detection: the refractive index of deflection range: 1.0 to 1.75

Flow range: 0.2 to 3.0 ml/min flow pool size: 9 ul

Flow cell pressure: 6 kg/cm2 dead volume: 24 ul Into the cell

Linear range: 0-1000 riu noise: 5 x 10 to 9 riu

Automatic zero: full scale drift (1 ml h2o/min) : < 1 mv/hour

Purge valve: with integral output: + / - 1 Volt recorder output: + / - 10 mv / 100

Recorder adjustment: 10 mv / 100 mv digital interface, RS232 bi-directional pass all parameters

Output: TTL: 1 x Digital Out input: TTL: purge Autozero 1 x Digital in

Temperature Settings: room temperature 35 to 55 , the temperature interval of 1 , extreme temperature: 75

Time constant: RAW (0.0), Fast (0.4 SEC), Medium (0.8 SEC), missile (1.6 SEC)

Size: 22 (w), 35 (D) 15.5 (H) weight: 12 kg

 NG001 gel chromatograph


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