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  • Amino acid analyzer
  • Automatic true density / open obturator rate tester
  • Spark direct reading spectrometer
  • Handheld ATP Hygiene Monitoring Meter bacteria analyzer test
  • Full-Automatic exhaust gas analyzer
  • Gas Integrated Measurement System
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer(W)
  • Nucleic Acid Extraction System
  • Rotating Disk Electrode
  • Automatic kjeldahl nitrogen determination apparatus
  • Automatic kjeldahl apparatus
  • Fully automatic Kjeldahl instrument
  • Experimental Stage Refrigeration Fiber Optic Spectrometer
  • Gas chromatograph
  • Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
  • Intelligent High-speed carbon and sulfur analyzer
High Performance X-ray diffractometer
  • ZR-3110 portable mutiple harmful gases detector
  • ZR-2050 air planktonic bacteria sampler
  • BC-9600 portable water sampler
  • XGP-1 Digital radiosonde
  • Laborarory portable COD rapid analyzer
  • AHMA - 1000 online atmospheric heavy metal detector
XGF-606 series CEMS smoke emission process analysis system
  • SK1200H high-frequency desktop ultrasonic cleaners
  • SPGN-2A high purity 99.995% nitrogen generator producer
  • HBM - 400 series homogenizer
  • Ultrasound Microwave Cooperative Extractor/Reactor
  • HMV-50/50A multi-tube vortex mixer series
  • Ultrasonic microwave combined reaction system
  • TD-4B Cell washing centrifuge
  • N1A automatic nitrogen blowing concentrator
  • SPX-100A Biochemical incubator
  • SPE-60 Automatic solid-phase extraction apparatus
  • Ultrapure water system
Hand-held sampling pump
  • Binocular Biological Microscope
  • WYA-2S Digital Abbe Refractometer (High performance)
  • YM4015 250mm Constant temperature Polarimeter tube
  • YI-160 Intelligent Automatic Polarimeter(W)
  • Automatic Polarimeter
UNIPOL-802 automatic precision grinding and polishing machin
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  • Extrator 36 Nucleic Acid Extractor
  • Desktop whole temperature oscillation incubator
JA-N Series Electronic Analytical Balance

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